Finally the walls will be coming down


April 2010. The Flat Classroom project and I met. I was planning a new interdisciplinary course for my high school that would focus on student leadership. Yes, I managed to convince my administrator to embed the student council into the timetable. I was so excited! The course would explore youth leadership from the global to the local level. I had already gathered the more well-known resources from places like Free the Children, and WarChild, and less known resources like “Building Leaders for Life – A High School Leadership Class Curriculum”. I had come up with lesson ideas that would incorporate Web 2.0 tools like BlabberizeGlogster, and Bitstrips and content that would draw on the vast list of “The international day of…”. But I wanted something more. That’s when I chanced upon the Flat Classroom wiki.I couldn’t believe my eyes! This site was amazing, and the idea behind it profound. I started to organize myself for the opportunity the Flat Classroom Project was offering. I read the site, I  bought The World is Flatand began drafting project ideas.

July 2010. The Flat Classroom and I have been detoured. In accepting the position of literacy coach for our school board, I gave up the chance of a lifetime. It was such a hard choice, and really that is what was in the balance: serving teachers so that they may serve all their students well or going global. It’s no secret now that what I did choose was the coaching position, but I also had a hand in the selection of the person who would take over the student leadership course. It had to be someone with energy and passion for learning with kids, of course. But it also had to be someone who was open-minded, who could think outside the box, or beyond the walls.

[Caroline Black (@CarolineBlack39) has now taught the leadership course for two years, and for two years she has grown into the role of teacher, leader, mentor, guide, and resource person for her students. Together, they have made the school a better place for all by incorporating world events in their work, learning about Kony 2012, raising money for the Terry Fox Foundation and a local charity, as well as running traditional student activities.] 

March 2012. The Flat Classroom is now a book. I joined the virtual book club and attended a few the sessions, and I am re-invigorated by the possibility a global project running in my school. I have been patiently waiting for the universe to align parts required to make this thing fly. I needed to wait a bit longer.

June 2012. I show Caroline Friedman’s The World is Flat and Lindsay & Davis’ Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. I carefully explain the big idea behind the book and how she, with my support, could incorporate one of the projects into her student leadership course. I wait apprehensively for her reaction. But there is no doubt; this is something we will do.

August 2012. Here I am taking the Flat Classroom Teacher Certified course. There will be hurdles to jump and mountains to climb, but the process has begun. Finally.


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