ETMOOC: That place between a course and a community

How to respond to criticism and influence people by Wiltwhatman is a fabulous post about the work that Alec CourosAlison Seaman, and the other conspirators are doing to ensure that ETMOOC flies.  Below is the comment I posted on @wiltwhatman’s blog, but I have decided to post it here too, because I wanted to make my feelings more visible.

Oh my Keith. Agree heartily with your words. But I need to do more because I have had a post simmering in the back of my mind since Friday, and your post has given me the nudge I needed to get those thoughts out.

My experience of ETMOOC is incredible! Although ETMOOC is described as “developed with a weak ‘centre’, the structure, support/feedback, interaction, timely resources, and responsiveness of Alec and his conspirators has been amazing. The weekly flow of big ideas balanced with skill development is exactly what I was looking for, even though I did not know that I was. And the timing of each event has been perfect. Just as we got control of our tweeting and posting, the lipdub project arrived. On the heels of the lipdub, came Alan’s call for our true stories of open sharing. This fledgling community has been tended to well and often with questions, comments, direction, and humour. What great teaching!

And inspiring too! Now etmoocers are taking the reigns, with Ben’s 25 (now 35) Definitions of Connected Learning and James’ ETMOOC/Connected Learning Reading List.

The participatory nature of this experience is invigorating as I my thinking is challenged and my ability to articulate myself in words and beyond (maybe a vlog is within my reach!?) stretched.

When I made the word cloud slide for the Definitions of Connected Learning presentation, I wanted the one word that connected learning was doing to and for me–HAPPY! Such joy in learning, I wish all could experience.

ETMOOC Conspirators, thanks.


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