Professional Reading: Summer of 2013

Here is my potential list of reads for this summer. It is long, but I am an optimist. And these titles cover a range of topics. Diversity is the key here.


I will be focusing on thinking in all of my teaching next year and I have heard great things about Making Thinking Visible.

Next up, Notice & Note. I absolutely love annotation strategies that help students dive more deeply into texts. But there are always some students I don’t seem to reach, and they continue to struggle to create meaning with the text. Notice & Note promises to support that during reading stage for grades 4 to 12 students, and of course, Kylene Beers’ reputation in her previous work on reading precedes her.

Harvey and Daniel’s Comprehension and Collaboration is a must read for anyone thinking about student inquiry.
I am intrigued by the maker space movement that is emerging across the globe. I belong to a family of makers (long before it was chic). We build, bake, grow, construct, assemble, sew, and create , and I have in the past brought my predilection for making into my classroom. I am looking forward to adding to my repertoire with Invent to Learn.

This book has been on my TBR list since in came out last spring.  I have been inspired by November’s videos and his latest book will, I am sure, support my thinking about learning in the modern world.

I teach adolescents, many who struggle with the learning process. How can I resist giving Turnaround Tools for the Teenage Brain a go?
Love Dan Pink’s interdisciplinary approach to life. I know he is a business writer by trade, but his ideas do crossover to education and our personal lives. As my children are growing up and moving away, I have looked for ways to keep us involved in each other’s lives. Having a family book club is one thing that we do. To Sell is Human might be next on our list. I know educators are reading it, and I am hopeful that it will also appeal to the mechanic, the solider, the dancer, and the musician in the family.



These two books by Peter H. Johnston are on my list every summer as re-reads. Changing the way we speak to our kids and each other, and re-configuring our approach to learning takes time and it takes support. Each summer I take some time to reflect on Johnston’s words and on how I am faring.

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