#Cyberpd 2013 Students as Tutorial Designers

Finally, a video scribe! I have made many excuses for not not creating visual texts, but as I am returning to the classroom in September, I really need to push myself this summer to acquire some skills in this area.

The tool: Sparkol VideoScribe VideoScribe is fairly straightforward. I used the 7 day trial version and there are enough features included to make a decent story. I did access YouTube to view a few tutorials (irony is not lost on me here!).  I discovered too late in the process for editing, that you need to use a lot of space for each ‘scene’. A scene is comprised of a group of elements that all have the same camera setting. If the elements are too close together then everything shrinks. Beyond ensuring generous use of the canvas, the more elements you include, the more time consuming the process, which makes sense, but it also means the harder it is to edit. In my case, half way through, I realized that I needed more space and that the elements should be larger. However, to edit would mean shifting the whole story element by element. Next time.
The reflection Throughout the process, I thought about the value of this tool for my students’ learning.  I discovered that just like the students’ Alan November describes in Who Owns the Learning?, I spent far longer on VideoScribe than I had planned as I considered what elements to include to best tell my story. What’s more, my understanding of chapter 2  at  the end of the process is much deeper than it was after having read the chapter.  In the SAMR model of technological transformation, VideoScribe definitely comes in at the redefining level if students are generating the video. The student is the creator of the content and as such is the teacher.  The task of reading, synthesizing the reading, and presenting content that is remixed.
The questions I produced this text on a laptop. How is the process different on mobile devices? Does the app work in the same way? What would happen if a VideoScribe text is further remixed in Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker?

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