#onewordOnt Introduction

Why take on the #oneword challenge?

There are many reasons why one would take on this challenge, but for most, it comes down to focus and intentionality. Having one word through which to “see” your practice, to guide your work, and to reflect on your professional learning gives you a chance to be really intentional about your professional growth. Having one word to concentrate on allows you the time to delve into the nuances of the word, to look at it from various angles, to hold it close and then to view it from a distance. Having one word gives you the chance to be shaped by it.

Scroll through our Twitter hashtag #onewordOnt to read the vibrant and supportive conversation in this community.


Read a few of the #onewordOnt 2016 posts.

Janet Broder

Mark Carbone

Sue Dunlop

Aviva Dunsiger

Donna Fry

Heather Lye

Diana Maliszewski

Heather Theijsmeijer

Melanie White

Tina Zita

Then consider what your word of the year will be.

Join us by tweeting out your word to #onewordOnt.

You can also write a post where you can make your thinking about the word visible. Remember to share your post to #onewordOnt, too!!

There is no deadline. But, all of the words shared to #onewordOnt by January 21st will be collected into a word cloud!!


Finally, to ensure that I don’t miss your word, please check this document before January 20th.  If your word is missing, let me know via Twitter or in the comments below.

I am so eager to see our 2017 list!



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4 responses to “#onewordOnt Introduction

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  4. My word is … and … At a literary feast last night, the conversations were diverse and challenging and inclusive and thoughtful and enlightening and annoying and funny and … you get the point.
    ‘And’ can encourage, provide critical comments, and open us up to hope and sharing and sometimes just hanging on.

    I know I missed the deadline and I am good with that. My first impressions of ‘one word’ was that it was gimmicky and limiting; and I changed my mind last night when one of literary feasters, Scott gave an example of the importance of ‘and’ in a bakery … The baker said, “Here is your bread, and …” Scott then said, “Cheese cake.” Such a tasty little word.

    Greg Harris

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