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I’m a day late.

But I likely wouldn’t have joined at all if today wasn’t a snow day. Yes, it’s April 4th and there’s a blizzard out there. Wanna see?


The blizzard is also responsible for my project choice: #ruralroutegardensdailyvideo. Because I just happened on #the100dayproject, I needed an idea in a hurry. And because I haven’t allowed myself any planning time, I needed to choose an idea that is eminently doable. As I gazed out over the thick blanket of snow covering the gardens this morning (just yesterday almost snow-free) my hopes for an early start to the season disappeared, but the idea to film one part of the garden for 100 days sprung to life.

I love my gardens. I love that I designed and built them. I love watching them grow and change from day-to-day.

For #the100dayproject, I won’t be capturing random photos of my garden because I am taking to heart the advice of Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson, facilitators of #the100dayproject, who strongly suggest setting some constraints on the project. Here then are the criteria:

  • Action—> video a day
  • Location—> front garden
  • Type of shot—> pan left to right for 30 secs
  • Time—> random
  • Tools—> Pixel 2 phone, no filters

And here is the first video:



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