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Flat Classroom: Connect and Reflect


Shall we use the Seven Degrees of Connectedness as our guide to speaking about being connected? About the same time I chanced upon Rodd Lucifer’s (thecleversheep.blogspot.ca) infographic, I came across a blog entry by Steve Anderson that talked about the value of lurking. Steve’s point is that there is power in lurking and taking, at first. We know that all learners need scaffolding, choice, context, and time for the individual learning process. Steve goes on…

“Many say to me they find value in lurking and searching. But the true value was when they took that next step and signed up and added their voice to the conversation. I didn’t have to push. They discovered that on their own.”

Indeed. When we are ready, we will reach out. Certainly, enrolling in the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher (FCCT) course is my way of reaching out. Additionally, I think we should aim to be at various stages of connectedness at the same time to ensure that we are continually learning. In my school district, I am collaborator, friend, and confidant. On #educoach, I am a novice, and at the Edmodo Conference 2012, I was mostly a lurker.

This summer, I set a goal for myself to become more connected. I have been connected to professional sites like Choice Literacy and The Teaching Channel, and I have used Diigo for bookmarking and sharing, but I needed to be more interactive. I logged into an old Twitter account and jumped into two virtual book studies. It felt good, but not great. I needed to participate more fully, but I also needed something concrete to begin writing about. The  #PB10for10 event motivated me to get cracking on a blog. Writing about picture books served as a great entry point for me, and I had a ball! About the same time, I ran across The Global Read Aloud. Now, I had already made a commitment to work with a colleague on a Flat Classroom project, and I had just signed up for the FCCT course, but The Global Read Aloud sounded too good to turn down. So, I joined and have since found two teachers who will join The One and Only Ivan group. This connection led me to the Edmodo community, which in turn led me to participate in Edmodo Conference 2012.

What have I learned?

  • Lurking is a good start.
  • Jump in and learn as you go.
  • Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know…so keep going.
  • Learning is social, so connect.

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