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Mentor: A bitter-sweet role.

I actually started this journey in the winter of 2010 when I was working as a high school English teacher, who knew then that something had to change in the teaching-learning process. I stumbled upon Flat Classroom and it seemed like a fantasy to me. You know, one of those things that other people do, and you just read about them? But over the next few months, I warmed up to the idea; that is, I decided that my students and I could and should do the Flat Classroom project. I got excited. I began to plan. And then the rug was pulled out from beneath my feet. Suddenly in July of 2012, I became a K-12 literacy coach. Flat Classroom Projects vaporized. Sigh.

One of the high school’s new teachers was an energetic and passionate teacher, who really stretched herself. She and I bonded, and we worked closely together for almost two years, when I admitted that I was probably not going to be back in a classroom any time soon and that the idea of running global projects needed to be shared.

So, here we are…Caroline and Julie…Flat Classroom Certified Teachers. “We” are applying for the Flat Classroom Project 13-01, but it will be Caroline’s class and her students who will do the project. I will be there too–on the side lines watching, supporting, helping out where I can.

Thanks to Julie and Vicki and to all of my colleagues in FCCT12-01. You are a fabulous bunch of educators and it has been my honour to work and learn from you these past 5 months. I know I will continue to communicate with many of you online, but it is my sincere hope that our paths cross in a more significant way.

I hope to contribute to the FCP organization through judging, advising, outsourcing…in whatever capacity I can.


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