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Letting learners learn.


ETMOOC = Educational Technology & Media Massive Open Online Course

What I love about this screen shot  from the introductory ETMOOC session is the evidence of participants’ in their own learning.  The learners in this forum have been asked to answer the posed question, and they do clearly. But they also star, circle, and high light others’ ideas.  Immediate feedback to the teacher is a powerful tool for instructional design.  I wonder how responsive a MOOC can be? Is the feedback provided above useful to the instructor or to the learners? And if it is to the learner, who discovers what it is she has to learn next, where does she go? I know that Alec has said that there are experts within the group, and that help is there if you need it, but as I think about introducing MOOCs to my colleagues, I see that they may choose not to try because the every bit of the learning is public. Something for me to continue to think about as I work my way through the course.

I love the next slide! It is so representative of the shift in the culture of learning.
Learning is fun. Learning is messy. Learning is social. Learning has a back channel.




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