Being the Change: Making Connections

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In 2012, I joined #Cyberpd and the book we studied was Opening Minds by Peter Johnston. I’ve been thinking about this book as I work my way through Being the Change (no surprise that Opening Minds is listed in Ahmed’s References). Johnston taught me about the power of language as not only a force to build relationships with students and to support students in developing a dynamic learning stance, but also one that can build worlds. And isn’t this the end game for building social comprehension?

[Being the Change] is based on the idea that we can build skills and habits to help us comprehend social issues and participate in relevant, transparent conversations. Social comprehension, like academic comprehension, is how we make meaning from and mediate our relationship to the world. (xxv)

Teaching students to be able to have and manage candid conversations by confronting their biases and identifying the biases of others is about grappling with the power of words. And this takes time. Time to model what bias looks like and sounds like; time to locate the microaggressions in our lives; time to challenge labels and develop the confidence to assert ourselves.

While teaching is vital work, it is also complex work. The diversity that exists in each classroom stretches our capacity to see and hear each student, to have the right words at the right time to not only support the student in developing a ‘dynamic learning frame of mind’ but to connect the student to the larger community.

You can read my final post for the #Cyberpd 2012 Opening Minds here. Below is an excerpt from that post that connects the two texts.

on Opening Minds, first read 

Create space and time for dialogue.
This means
—slow down.
No rushing in with the answer,
allow uncertainty to feed wonder and discovery.
Make room for confusion in conversation.
Give it permission to spur dialogue,

to build collaborative thinking
to create knowledge

Remember that teaching changes worlds.

How will I know?
Listen to the students. What are they talking about?

There is the answer.


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